This article features episode summaries from the second season of Unforgettable. The second season premiered on July 28, 2013 on Sunday at 9 pm, with an order of 13 episodes. Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin and Daya Vaidya will not return as a series regulars. Also the producers will change the location of the series.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

  • Stephen Kunken as Dale Parsons (2 episodes)
  • Britt Lower as Tanya Sitkowsky (2 episodes)
  • Adam Trese as Jay Krause (2 episodes)
  • Sean Cullen as Gordon Frost (2 episodes)
  • Makenzie Leigh as Celine Emminger (2 episodes)
  • Emily Shaffer as Andrea Weston (2 episodes)

Episodes Edit

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