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The Following Sea
Season 1, Episode 15
The Following Sea
Air date February 14, 2012
Written by Jan Nash & Michael Foley
Directed by Oz Scott
Episode Guide
Carrie's Caller
The Following Sea is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Unforgettable.


When a key witness in his murder case vanishes before testifying, Al scrambles to find her before the suspect walks free.


Main CastEdit

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Paul Fitzgerald as Clancy Watts
  • Al Sapienza as Joe Hagan
  • P.J. Sosko as Jake
  • Frank Lewallen as Bill Barlow
  • Armand Schultz as David
  • Kate Skinner as Judge Ilene Wilkinson
  • Deborah Baum as Gwen Turning
  • Kim Director as Kate Jordan
  • Frank Ridley as Burly Man
  • Kevin Collins as Prosecutor Mark Adams
  • Rebecca Hirota as Anne Austin

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