The Man in the Woods
Season 1, Episode 22
The man in the woods
Air date May 8, 2012
Written by Ed Redlich & John Bellucci
Directed by John Coles
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The Man in the Woods is the last episode of Season 1 of Unforgettable.


On the trail of her sister’s murderer, Carrie returns to Syracuse, where the killer may have struck again.


Main CastEdit

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Elias Koteas as Sam Rhodes
  • Matt Servitto as Deputy Chief Dan Marston
  • Stephen Lee Anderson as Will Hartley
  • Tracy Sallows as Karen Sadler
  • Justin Adams as Young Sam Rhodes
  • J. Tucker Smith as David
  • Beatrice Miller as Katrina Sadler
  • Tina Benko as Lois
  • Scott Barrow as Kitchen Worker
  • Olivia Flynn as Young Carrie
  • Haley Murphy as Rachel Wells


  • Second part of the first ever two-part episode on the series.
  • CBS cancelled the show just over 5 five days after its airing. However, the series was picked up for a second season by the same network on June 29, 2012. The series will return in the summer of 2013 with an order of 13 episodes.
  • TNT and Lifetime have expressed interest in picking up the series. However, CBS already renewed the series on June of the same year.

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